Keg Operation


Once you tap a keg, you need to take a few simple steps to make sure that you get a good flow of beer.


If the tap has a pressure release valve, use it to completely bleed the pressure off of the keg (it will build considerable pressure on the trip home).

Pump the tap A COUPLE OF TIMES with the faucet open (as if pouring a beer) until you get a nice steady flow.

Then STOP PUMPING! Only pump the tap when the flow tapers off and only with the faucet open. (Overpumping will only get you a glass of foam!)

Cooling your keg

KEGS MUST BE KEPT COLD! Treat your keg like a bottle of milk. If it gets warm, it goes sour or will not pour properly.

Note: A Keg of Beer is best when dispensed cold. Maintain the keg’s temperature by placing it in a plastic tub surrounded with ice. Keep the keg in a cool location out of the sun.

Connect the party pump (tap the keg). Insert the coupler into the keg valve and depress the handle.

Before pumping, open faucet releasing natural keg pressure. First beers may consist of foam.

Pour beer by squeezing the black faucet open completely. Partial opening of the faucet may create foam.

Only pump to maintain a good beer flow. OVERPUMPING will create foam. Keep hose and faucet out of direct sunlight.

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