Frequently Asked Questions About Kegs

If I have my own keg, do I have to pay the keg deposit?
No. If you have your own keg, you do not need to rent one from us. Therefore, you will not be required to pay the deposit. While we can’t fill it, you can exchange it for a full keg.

If I have my own tap, do I have to pay the tap deposit?
No. If you have your own tap, you do not need to rent one from us. Therefore, you will not be required to pay the deposit.

Do you fill kegs?
No. We are a retail shop and can’t fill kegs. However, if you have an empty keg that you would like to exchange for a full keg, you will not have to pay the keg deposit.

I have a kegerator and will not finish a keg within the three-day deposit period. Do I have to forfeit my deposit?
Essentially yes, but only the first time. You will be charged a deposit the first time you purchase a keg. If you have not returned the keg within three days, we will charge your credit card. Once you have emptied the keg and bring it back to us, you can just trade it in for a new one without paying another deposit.

Do you charge my credit card when I put down a deposit on a keg?
When you put down a deposit on a keg, we place an authorized hold on your card. Upon the keg’s return, we will provide you with the authorization slip without charging your card. Within a week, this hold should expire.

I bought a keg from another source. Can I rent a tap (or some other piece of equipment) from you?
Our priority is to supply taps and other equipment for our keg customers. However, you may certainly rent anything that remains after our reserved orders are filled.

How much advance notice is needed to order a keg?
It depends on the brand you want. We keep many of our most popular brands in stock, but if you want a specialty beer or want a keg on an extremely busy weekend you should place your order a week prior.

How long will a keg of beer last?
Oxygen is the natural enemy of beer. If you use a hand operated pump, the life of the tapped keg is as little as 8-12 hours and certainly no more than a day or so. With a CO2 pump, the life of the keg increases exponentially.

How much does a keg of beer weigh?
Our standard keg weighs as much as 180 pounds at capacity and about 30 pounds when empty. The European keg can weigh as much as 170 pounds when full, with the pony keg weighing in at as much as 85 pounds and the torpedo at around 60 pounds.

How many glasses of beer does a keg hold?
With a keg, actual per-glass quantity will vary depending on the amount of foam and the size of the head. However, you should get approximately 165 12-oz cups from a full-sized keg and about half that amount from a pony keg. With a Euro keg you should expect approximately 140 12-oz cups, and approximately 55 with a torpedo.

How many kegs will I need?
A rough guide is outlined below. However, it depends on the amount of people drinking beer versus how many of them are drinking wines or spirits.
For Example:
Party with over 60 adults 1-2 kegs
Party with over 160 adults 3-4 kegs

Can I return an untapped keg for refund?
Once a keg leaves the brewery it cannot be returned for a refund, even if full. Please ensure that you have access to the proper tapping equipment before you purchase a keg.

Can I buy a keg and then sell the beer?
It is illegal to sell alcohol without a special permit/license. Warning: It is extremely foolish to purchase a keg and sell it to another party. Not only is it illegal, but the purchaser is responsible and liable for what happens to the keg when FPBS releases it.

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